LOW018-2 front klein

FilosofischeStilte returns with the second instalment of Munch Palace. Volume 2 contains some intense freaky stuff. Along with volume 1 these releases are a sound and clear reflection of FilosofischeStilte’s evolution into a mastermind who has sharpened his sword’s cutting edge.



“Munch Palace is the name of a night shop which was around the corner of Luuk’s home. It’s a very convenient store with overpriced supermarket products, but mainly not very nutritious products. And I don’t get why the shop had fluorescent lighting.”

FILOSOFISCHESTILTE – Munch Palace preview

FILOSOFISCHESTILTE – Munch Palace preview

Finally the new FilosofischeStilte on Lowriders. 3 original tracks combined with 2 amazing remixes. Get ready for the Munch Palace experience.

LOWf002: OBY NINE – Crosstown


Crosstown is Oby Nine’s gift to Rotterdam and the rest of the world. His ode to the city consists of four original tracks by Oby Nine and one massive remix by Brighton’s (UK) rising star Moony

LOW017: KYPSKI – Wreck Fader


Wreck Fader is turntablism taken to the next level, combined with composing, electronics, beats, break beat science. “Wreck Fader represents the best of me, as a beatmaker, producer and scratcher.”

LOWf001: ARD BIT – Ellioth


“A coincidence, a satisfied feeling or being in the now leads to very special moments. Moments I have been looking for to build the story. Stories that are told through harmonies, rhythms, noises and field recordings”

LOW016: KNOW V.A. promo

LOW016: KNOW V.A. – O Horizon EP


‘O Horizon’ is filled with blunt drum-programming, completed with threatening tone and contrasted with field recordings – making all this together into a gritty dancefloor set.

LOW015R: ARTS THE BEATDOCTOR – Lazy Thunder Remixes


Beats with as much influence from Hip-Hop beatmakers as from movie composers. Several tracks found their way into sets of DJs, who in turn praised the organic and electronic sounds found in his compositions.



Lazy Thunder is about intriguing compositions created around found sound loops, live instrumentation, combined with harsh and aggressive sounds.

LOW014: JULIEN MIER – Jane’s Junkyard


Imagine a place where tattered bits of unmusical ingredients are cast aside and forgotten. Where the rough and ugly pieces of sound are tossed and left to decompose.

FilosofischeStilte – Even My Mobilephone Is Gold

FilosofischeStilte – Even My Mobilephone Is Gold

created by



Luuk Graham, The Hague native drops his second release with Lowriders Recordings. After his recent remixes, a beattape and some digi releases finally the Poly EP is ready for the public ear.

ALEPH release reviewed in The Wire

ALEPH – Saint Killer (edit)

DOSHY (feat Stagga) – Hornets video

Doshy - Lowriders recordings VID

The German producer embodies the label’s signature aesthetic of operating in the space between styles, cross breeding funky Dubstep with the crunk bass of Southern Hip Hop.

LOW010: DOSHY – Electrophilic EP


The German producer embodies the label’s signature aesthetic of operating in the space between styles, cross breeding funky Dubstep with the crunk bass of Southern Hip Hop.

LOW impressions by Meng Li

LOWFEST, day 2 @ Worm

LOW impressions by Meng Li

LOW impressions by Dani Hefter


LOW impressions by Dani Hefter

LOW impressions by MMMriek


LOW impression by Marieke

LOW009: ARD BIT – Yelleen EP


Lowriders is proud to present this new release Yelleen by Ard Bit. After previous releases on Symbolic Interaction and Shipwrec he finds a warm nest at Lowriders.

LOW011 STRAND – Slam Funk


Slam Fun is extreme fun with a big skweee wink and an lingering out-of-tune synthline…. and then the synth bass takes over BIG TIME.

LOW008: Power Shuffles, the making of

Filosofische Stilte – Hairdoo VIP (Drvg Cvltvre Remix)


Our man drvg cvltvre (formally known as a Prince of a bass Generation) treats us on a surprise: a remix of FilosofischeStilte‘s Hairdoo VIP track […]

LOW008: V/A Power Shuffles


The POWER SHUFFLES EP compiles seven forward thinking juke/footwork inspired tunes from all over the planet, into one vicious slab of vinyl goodness.

FilosofischeStilte – promo video

LOW006: HALP Tic Tac Toe EP


Lowriders Recordings is proud to present HALP‘s Tic Tac Toe EP. Our crew-member HALP pushes himself to new heights after his Leek succes with his […]

LOW007: FilosofischeStilte – Golden Tooth


Five original 8-bit dub-n-bass tracks filled with sparkling synth lines, thick bass, digital dirt and one magical remix by Niño. The tracks move in between hip hop, skweee, abstract beats and retro-futuristic-synth-science.

LOW005 Beatitude


From scary horror-sound infested witch-house to carefully arranged soundlayer madness, from westcoast 8bit to Berlin soul, even some post-fidget glitch-house if I’m correct in spotting a new genre, it is all here.

LOW004 AK-KIDS The gassAKu EP


“We soon realised that it would take far too long to get all the artists to submit their parts in time so we decided to do a series of EPs. This is Vol 1 of that series. We wanted to work with artists with a different sound from us as we thought this would make for the most interesting collaborations.”



Hovatron played twice at our parties, did a residency in the analog WORMstudio (from which we will be releasing some stuff later on this year) and is part of the turbocrunk scene from Montreal together with Lunice, Megasoid, Poirier, Jacques Greene and Ango.

LOW002: COCO BRYCE Dis Cam Belie


Coco Bryce has a very distinguishable signature in his sound, which is best described as a mixture of synthetic funk, heavy bass and chopped hip hop beats with a strong dancefloor push.

LOW001 Ghost Mutt

Lowriders Recordings first release is with the new kid in town: Ghost Mutt. This young producer from Brighton (UK) is linked as resident artist to the people of Donky Pitch with other residents like Boss Kite and Slugabed.



TRIGGA vs LOWRIDERS @ 013.4 from Co2RO on Vimeo.

VIDEO’s Lowriders/Dropp @ Watt 22.05.2010

Photo’s Lowriders/Dropp @ Watt 22.05.2010

Photo’s Donky Pitch VS Lowriders

Lowriders 26.03.2010

LOWRIDERS 26-03 short movie


VIDEO Bazar Curieux 2009

VIDEO Bazar Curieux 2009

We’ve made a short video of the Lowriders basement of the Bazar Curieux festival 2009. Lowriders (05-12-2009) @ Bazar Curieux from Maurits van Altena on […]

LOWRIDERS in NL010 (Rotterdam magazine)

Lowriders 12 pics


Pics of Lowriders 12 after the

28 11 LOWRIDERS @ Watt

28-11-09 LOWRIDERS @ WATT, Rotterdam NOAH D (US), BEATNOLOGIC, RUWEDATA, COCO BRYCE, CO2RO dubstep/ abstract hiphop / baltimore / electro Via het het Rotterdamse POP […]

Photo’s Lowriders 11

13.06 LOWRIDERS 11 @ Worm Photo’s here

Photo’s Dropp 01

13.06 LOWRIDERS 11 @ Worm

Photo’s Lowriders 10

23.05 DROPP feat 1000names and Debruit

DROPP presents: Debruit & 1000 Names May 23rd (22:00-04:00) Zaal de Unie – Mauritsweg 35- Rotterdam DROPP is the new party for music lovers. At […]

25.04 LOWRIDERS 10 @ Worm

Photo’s Lowriders 9

Photo’s Lowriders 8

Photo’s Lowriders 7


17-01 Lowriders 7 @ WORM

Lowriders invites Conflict! feat: Starkey; Kanji Kinetic; Akkachar; Ruwedata; Brutuzz; Beatnologic; Vahid; Co2ro; Ankforce 1 Het jaar 2009 kun je op verschillende manieren in gaan. […]

Photo’s Lowriders @ Bazar Curieux

A Wild night thanks to Gomes, Festa, Lowriders crew, Bazar Curieux Production and the wicked crowd!

Lowriders 6 party review @ NL010

A party review from Lowriders 6 from a local citymagazine:

6.12 Lowriders @ Bazar Curieux

06-12-2008 Lowriders is komende zaterdag, 6 december, bij Bazar Curieux aanwezig om de basement te voorzien een energiek feestje! Bazar Curieux heeft een interessante line-up […]

Photo’s from Lowriders #6

Lowriders #6 was the bomb thanks to everybody who support us! Check out the photo’s

Lowriders 6

zaterdag 15 november 2008 Bass Clef (Blank Tapes | UK) | 6BLOCC (Lo Dubs | USA) |BEANS (WARP | USA) | DMDN (Trigga | NL) […]

Lowriders 5

Zat. 6 september 2008 Jahcoozi (a Sound, DE) | Herrmutt Lobby (Confined, Eat Concrete, BE) | Charly & Gallus (Antilounge, NL) | Pete Concrete (Eat […]

Lowriders 4

Zat. 31 mei 2008 Starkey (Trouble & Bass | Starksound | Lodubs, USA) | Sick Girls (Tigerbeat6, DE) | Benjamin Freling (200.000 turntables | ponyclub, […]

Lowriders 3

Zat. 15 maart 2008 Anstam (Anstam, D) | Cane (Marguerita Recordings | Colony | WARP, NL) | Sweat X (Citinite, SA)| Red Eliphant | Nicon […]

Lowriders 2

Vr. 19 oktober 2007 Ghislain Poirier (Chocalat Industries, CA) | Sixtoo (Ninja Tune, CA) | Mattaklap (Plattegrond) | Beatnologic (Lowriders) | Ruwedata (Lowriders, Dstruct) | […]

Lowriders 1

SHACKLETON (Skull Disco, UK) | OORVUIG (Nocturnal State) | Purita D (Electro Empire) | C.O.N.E (Nonine Crew) | Bojcot Selectah (Randstad Rollers) | Ruwedata (Dstruct, […]