This is Lowriders Recordings

Lowriders is the conjugation of a group bass lovers. We don’t think in styles, hypes or anything like that. We love bass and beats.
The craze for booty and funky bass, grime, hip hop and electro-bass brought us together . Against the flow of the box spirit and for alternation!
The bass may crash, suck, cracks, wobble and knocks you out of your boots!
Open up your ears, shake your booty.

Lowriders Recordings is distributed by Unearthed Sounds in the UK
You can also order your music from us on our bandcamp

Artists who played at Lowriders parties

1000 names (Eklektik records, Bul)
6BLOCC (Lo Dubs, USA)
A.G. (Rinse FM, UK)
Acre (Codes, Tectonic, UK)
Akkachar (Conflict, Rwina, NL)
Akira Kiteshi (Black Arce, UK)
Anstam (Anstam, D)
Arts the Beatdoctor (Lowriders Recordings, NL)
Bass Cleff (Blank Tapes, UK)
Beans (WARP, USA)
Benjamin Freling (200.000 turntables | ponyclub, NL)
Blunt Speakers (NL)
Bojcot Selectah (Randstad Rollers)
Brutuzz (Conflict, NL)
Cane (Marguerita Recordings | Colony | WARP, NL)
Charly & Gallus (Antilounge, NL)
Coco Bryce (Myor, Harmonia, NL)
(Nonine Crew)
Cupp Cave ( Ramp, Vlek, Surf Kill, B)
Dabrye Ghostly International, USA)
Dagger DX (Lowriders Recordings, Los Bangeles, NL)
Débruit (Musique Large, F)
Distal (Tectonic, US)
Doshy  (Lowriders Recordings, Saturated, D)
Dutch Dolls (NL)
Dynooo (Mac Fly, Rush Hour, B)
FilosofischeStilte (Lowriders Recordings, Saturated, NL)
Fulgeance (Musique Large, F)
Ghislain Poirier
(Chocolat Industries, Ninja Tune, CA)
Ghost Mutt (Lowriders Recordings, Donky Pitch, UK)
Gomes (Oi!, NL)
Herrmutt Lobby (Confined, Eat Concrete, BE)
Holowave (NL)
Hovatron (Turbocrunk, Mainbrain, Can)
Jahcoozi (a Sound, DE)
Jameszoo (Rwina, Kindred Spirits, NL)
Julstar (Mañana, NL)
Julien Mier (King Deluxe, Lowriders Recordings, NL)
Kalbata (Soul Jazz, Isr)
Kanji Kinetic (Rag & Bone, Rwina, UK)
KidKanevil (First Word, UK)
Know V.A. (Lowriders, NL)
Kwam (Mean Streets, UK)
Kypski (Lowriders Recordings, NL)
Lunice (LuckyMe, Can)
L-Vis 1990 (Mad Decent, Très Cool, Dress 2 Sweat, UK)
Marked (Dubstance, NL)
Mataklap (Plattegrond, NL)
Matt Tdk (Vuig, NL)
Mike Redman (Redrum, Deformer, NL)
Miss Delicious (NL)
Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder, Hit+Run, USA)
Mwëslee (Rush Hour, Nod Navigators, Arkestra, ES)
Nicon (Subway, NL)
Nika (Radical, NL)
Noah D (Subway, USA)
Pete Concrete (Eat Concrete, NL)
Rachel Green (22tracks)
Randy Barracuda (Harmonia, Flogsta Danshall, FIN)
DJ Rashad (Juke Trax, Planet Mu, Hyperdub, US)
Robot Koch 
(Up My Alley, DE)
Rocks Foe (Black Acre, UK)
Roop (NL)
Sam A La Bamalot (LoMechanik, Lowriders Recordings, NL)
SHACKLETON (Skull Disco, UK)
Sick Girls (Tigerbeat6, DE)
(Ninja Tune, CA)
Slow Hand Motëm (Astro:DynamicsFlogsta Danshall, Can)
Slugabed (Stuff Records, Ramp, Planet Mu, UK)
Spinn (Juke Trax, Hyperdub US)
Squeaky Lobster (Vlek Records, B)
Starkey (Trouble & Bass | Starksound | Lodubs, USA)
Sweat X (Citinite, SA)
Th‘Aquisition (NL)
Warlock (Rag & Bone, Sub FM, UK)
Wiley (Big Dada, Wiley Kat Records, UK)