Beatitude 2

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Beatitude 2
Release date digital: July 22nd 2016
Format: Digital
Written & produced: Various Artists
Graphic Design: Studio Ruwedata
Artwork: Studio Ruwedata
Mastered by Falco van Weerd

Beatitude 2

Beatitude is our compiler format reflecting the diversity of our taste in music. It’s the celebration of the attitude of these beat producers.

Our goal is to highlight a broad variety of club sounds diversifying between multi- coloured grooves, Post Dilla adventures, UK Bass, Beats, Dubstep, Electronica and the supposedly dead IDM.
In between all these vigorous styles you will find the hide outs of Lowriders. This Beatitude 2 is skewed as a hoop, grimy, freaky and sometimes funky as hell It goes deep into the soul and pelvis!

Some of these producers are familiar names like Know V.A., FilosofischeStilte, Strand, Kypski, Marsman.
Some are familiar due to remixes they did for us like Feiertag (remix Bastard Sugar), Sam a al Bamalot (remixed Filo twice).

Some are new with us like Dooxs, Anik, Lewis James, Esgar and Panda Lassow. With some of these producers we’re gonna work more closely next season.

Anik – Caged Bird
Know V.A. x Lewis James – Ashore
Esgar – Listen
Kypski – Thank You
Bastard Sugar – Moose Ends (Arts the Beatdoctor remix) Dooxs – We Wander
FilosofischeStilte – Last Pulse
Know V.A. – Unlimited
Feiertag – Sparkle
Panda Lassow – FunkinJam
Sam a la Bamalot – Sugary Goodness
Strand – The Russians
Marsman – Herboren