Title: S.N.M
Release date: November 18th 2016
Format: Vinyl (gold) Limited to 250) 45rpm
Written & produced: Justin Bernhard
Graphic Design: Studio Ruwedata
Artwork: Studio Ruwedata
Mastered by Bob Macc

The Dazzle serie will continue with grime producer JLSXND7RS. This Dutch beatmaker is having a wonderful year and we’re proud to have an EP of him on Lowriders.
Recently he released his co-produced EP The Undertaker Remixes on Reloadz and the Red State EP on DJ Spooky Bizzle’s Ghost House Records. JLSXND7RS also quite some production credits coming up for MCs like Wiley, Killa P and Hitman Hyper.

JLSXND7RS is a purist when it comes to grime. Even though his approach is much more melodic and yet never fails to screw up your face. On S.N.M you’ll hear a perfect example of his dark side.

Played already on RinseFM, BBC Radio 1, NTS radio, SubFM, BBC 1xtra, Radar Radio, Logan, Sama, Logos, Oilgang, Grizzle, Glacial Sound, Spooky, Slackk, Benji B, TAZ and all over the place by Slimzee.


An instrumental which entails the dark side of his sound. The EP also features a vocal version by Nico Lindsay of the said instrumental. His flow combined with the dark and growling beat sounds like a match made in grime heaven. To top things of, Trends remixed the Swift vocal and the instrumental S.N.M title track. With the remix Trends really transcended the tracks into another dimension.