Know V.A. – O Horizon

Artist: Know V.A.
Title: O Horizon
Cat: LOW016
Date: April 8th 2014
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Written & produced by: Marijn Brussaard & Feico de Muinck Keizer
Mastered by: Nicky Gallardo Bijl
Artwork by: Karimoo

The diversity of the beats and bass scene is reflected in the Rotterdam based label Lowriders Recordings and this new EP by Know V.A., out April 7th, is a perfect example of the ever shifting and developing scene.
‘O Horizon’ is filled with blunt drum-programming, completed with threatening tone and contrasted with field recordings – making all this together into a gritty dancefloor set.

Remixes come from DJ Earl & DJ Taye, who take the drum sounds and the melody to another consciousness and American grime producer Rabit, who takes the floor filler ‘Donkey Kong’ apart and creates a spooky masculine abstraction.

Starkey “ There’s some cool stuff there man. i like ‘thumbtacks’.”
Pixelord “ i want this!”
1000Names “ Dope.”
Danny Scrilla “ this is really nice!”
Om Unit “ strong! definately going to be supporting somewhere boys, big up!”
Darkhouse Family “ yo man! thanks a lot…really feeling your stuff”
Dj Shadow “ This is great, thank you! I actually have already put Thumbtacks in my upcoming DJ set in Australia!