Marsman – New Kind of Purple

Artist: Marsman
Title: New Kind of Purple
Release date digital: June 6th 2016
Release date CD: June 10th 2016
Format: Album Digital/CD
Written & produced: Rutger Marsman
Graphic Design: Studio Ruwedata
Artwork: Studio Ruwedata
Mastered by Rudi Arapahoe


New Kind of Purple

Only just recently Marsman concluded that his main goal in music is to communicate his mind-states through the meditative powers of frequencies. He chose to take the time to be more conscious about what the music will communicate, instead of communicating his tracks that only rising from the subconscious.
The album has a lot more depth , tranquillity and imagination to it when compared with his earlier work.

The first effects of this insight are represented in this 45 minute long trip through memories, possibilities and personal realities. There’s no definition of what it ís about – it just is, like most things in life, completely open for interpretation.

“Marsman drives you into a world of his own, where no parallels are taken from other artists or current trends.” – Juno Records

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